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Magic Elves Landscaping professional care means responding to your lawn’s needs the right way, every time. Every lawn is different, and we strive to come up with the right formula to ensure that the “curb appeal” of your home will be something to be proud of. See our list of product offerings below:


  • Mow and edge all grass areas
  • Trim all hedges and shrubs
  • Dig or spray weeds with Herbicide
  • Blow all debris and all walkways
  • Rake all gravel areas
  • Maintain irrigation Clock to seasonal timing schedules
  • Check all irrigation emitters and sprinkler heads
  • Provide a combination of weed control and fertilization treatements


At Magic Elves Landscaping, we know how vital trees and shrubs are to any home—they’re like the finishing touch on a masterpiece. Our goal is to ensure that healthier, stronger, and beautiful looking trees and shrubs so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Just like your lawn, not all shrubbery is created equally, and at Magic Elves Landscaping, we recognize the fact that scheduled feeding of landscape ornamental trees and shrubs is imperative to their success. In addition, both fertilization and insect disease control measures customized with certain regions help us keep vegetation thriving—just give Magic Elves Landscaping the chance to make it happen.


At Magic Elves Landscaping, we realize that the outside of your home is just as important as the inside. So let us help you express yourself . . . coupled with your specific needs, our professionals have a great mix of creativity, knowledge and attention to detail. We listen. It’s time to bring your vision to reality…or, if you’re not certain of the direction you would like, we can provide the professional input you expect of a leader in the landscaping industry. See our product offerings listed below:


  • Landscape design and install
  • Sod and Over-seeding
  • Stone
  • Railroad Ties
  • Hardscaping