Product Description

Mandevilla (A.K.A. Alice Du Pont Mandevillea)

Mandevilla (A.K.A. Alice Du Pont Mandevillea)
Product NamePlant
Sub TypeEvergreen vine
DescriptionMandevilla (A.K.A. Alice Du Pont Mandevillea)
Height15' to 20'
Width15' to 20'
USDA Zones9 to 10
Sun ExposurePartial sun to full shade
Cold Hardiness30 to 40 F
Bloom ColorShowy pink trumpet flowers
Blooming SeasonMarch through May; and September through October
Growth RateModerate to fast growth rate
Litter RateLow litter rate
Water UsageModerate water usage
Notes"Alice Du Pont Mandevillea is a showy vine that is not the easiest plant to keep in Phoenix year after year. For best results, keep it out of too much summer sun and maintain regular watering. Also watch for spider mites."