Product Description

Tropical Bird of Paradise

Tropical Bird of Paradise
Tropical Bird of Paradise
Product NamePlant
Sub TypeEvergreen perennial
DescriptionTropical Bird of Paradise
Height3' to 5'
USDA Zones9 to 11
Sun ExposurePartial sun to partial shade
Cold Hardiness20 to 29 F
Bloom Color"Orange, blue, white"
Blooming SeasonFebruary through May
Growth RateSlow growth rate
Water UsageModerate water usage
NotesTropical Bird of Paradise do best in Phoenix if they get some shade. Afternoon sun and reflected sun (if planted against a hot wall or in granite) can cause this plant to fail. East or north exposures (or southern if there is an overhang) seem to be the best locations to plant the Tropical Bird of Paradise.
Common Names"Tropical Bird of Paradise, African Bird of Paradise"