Product Description

Japanese Privet (A.K.A. Waxleaf Privet)

Japanese Privet (A.K.A. Waxleaf Privet)
Japanese Privet (A.K.A. Waxleaf Privet)
Product NamePlant
Sub TypeEvergreen shrub
DescriptionJapanese Privet (A.K.A. Waxleaf Privet)
Height10' to 12'
Width6' to 8'
USDA Zones7 to 9
Sun ExposurePartial sun to partial shade
Cold Hardiness5 to 30 F
Bloom ColorWhite
Blooming SeasonMay and June
Attracts BirdsTRUE
Attracts ButterfliesTRUE
Growth RateModerate growth rate
Litter RateHigh litter rate
Water UsageModerate water usage
Notes"Dark glossy green, roundish oval leaves with distinctly lighter green to almost white beneath, are spongy feeling to the touch. Flowers grow in clusters, are fragrant and attract bees and are followed by blue-black berries. Use as wind screen or hedge, often shaped or sheared. Plant in containers where Texas root rot is problem. Often sold as vairety `Texanum` which is lower growing. Give partial shade in hottest climates. Native to Chine, Korea and Japan. "
Common NamesJapanese Privet