Product Description

"Hopseed Green, Hopseed Purple (Dodonaea) "

"Hopseed Green, Hopseed Purple (Dodonaea)   "
"Hopseed Green, Hopseed Purple (Dodonaea)   "
Product NamePlant
Sub TypeEvergreen shrub
Description"Hopseed Green, Hopseed Purple (Dodonaea) "
Height12' to 15'
Width10' to 13'
USDA Zones8 to 10
Sun ExposureReflected sun to partial shade
Cold Hardiness20 to 30 F
Bloom ColorGreenish
Blooming SeasonMarch through May
Attracts BirdsTRUE
Growth RateModerate to fast growth rate
Litter RateLow litter rate
Water UsageLow water usage
Notes"Large evergreen shrub to small tree. Flowers are inconspicuous, fruit is three lobed and tinged pinkish lavender. Good for screening. Native to Arizona (broader leafed variety from Mexico). "
Common Names"Hop Bush, Hopseed Bush"