Product Description

Green Cloud Sage

Green Cloud Sage
Green Cloud Sage
Product NamePlant
Sub TypeEvergreen shrub
DescriptionGreen Cloud Sage
Height6' to 8'
Width6' to 8'
USDA Zones7 to 9
Sun ExposureReflected sun to partial sun
Cold Hardiness5 to 30 F
Bloom ColorRed-violet
Blooming SeasonMarch through November
Attracts BirdsTRUE
Attracts ButterfliesTRUE
Growth RateModerate growth rate
Litter RateModerate litter rate
Water UsageLow water usage
Notes"First of the `Cloud` series developed by Texas A & M University, this cultivar has bright, light green foliage and red-violet or magenta flowers. Species is native to Texas and northern Mexico. Heavenly cloud sage is a hybrid between L. frutescens `Green Cloud` and L. laevigatum. Mostly evergreen, this cultivar has medium green leaves and lavender flowers."